About Us

Photo of Leave 99 Band

Leave 99 is a Christian band from Eastern NC that brings a real and relevant message of the gospel to those that don’t know Christ, and an uplifting and refreshing challenge to those that do. We enjoy the opportunities that come our way whether in a church service, youth group function, or a community event.

Most of our music is original, written by band members. Many people ask what style of music we sing, and that’s a tough question to answer. Our music has elements of primarily Americana and Alternative Country. We hope that whatever genre you enjoy, you would find our music landing in your playlist!

History of Leave 99

Our ministry began in the year 2000 as a southern gospel quartet pioneered by our current band member, Jeff, and several other devoted men. Several albums and many dates filled almost twenty years of that ministry, including having a live band. When the choice was made to become a trio, the quartet-style music that had become a mainstay for us no longer conveyed what we had been wanting to share. After all, the repertoire had been written by other songwriters. They were great songs, just not from our heart. We felt the need to create music that was unique to us and who we are, while sharing the gospel with musical messages we felt God had laid on our hearts.

During this time, the prior group name had not been copyrighted, so several music groups, church ministries, and several organizations also claimed the name. And, with the fact that the name was becoming a challenge to promote online because of no owned copyright, and the urgent need to write our own music, we decided it was the right time to make a big, but tough, change.

In 2020, we changed our name to Leave 99. During this same year, we also recorded our first studio album under the new name, featuring several original songs written by Spencer and Grant, as well as a few recognizable worship favorites.

In 2022, we are planning to release our first EP. This project will consist of six original songs that are powerful songs for those who are looking for some of life’s most sought after answers. Be sure to watch for its release this summer.

Why the name Leave 99?

Matthew and Luke recorded a simple parable told by Jesus describing how loving our God is to those that have wandered away. He explains that God’s love is so great that he would leave ninety-nine people to seek after just one. Not only that, he would rejoice in that one returning to the fold more than those that never went astray (Matthew 18:10-14).

Interestingly, we have all been that one at some point in our lives. Isn’t it refreshing to know that our God is the true God that loves and convicts, and all without condemnation. How fitting it was to be able to adopt the name Leave 99 for our ministry. Our mission is to spread that message of hope to all of those that hear our music.